Letra de Jennifer


Letra de Jennifer de Anti-heros
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( Anti-Heros )

Like most kids from my generation, she was born and raised in out broken home nation
Autumns brilliant hue of orange and gold, her embrace cut us from the same fold
From the granite face of a red Georgia mountain, To the sun grazed grace of a springtime fountain
Came the warm radiance of her lover´s smile, Gave me the emotion of a man and the love of a child
I saw the moonlight caress the cleft of her chin, I felt her eyelashes brush against my skin

{Stood by me and I stood by her, Jennifer, Jennifer
Actions speak louder than words, Jennifer, Jennifer}

In a jaded age of indulgence and sin, Lives stand still and the earth still spins
Possession burns from the same token, My love stands rooted in nature´s emotion
When jet airplane destroys the pristine night sky, The eagle turns his head and spits out a sigh
He longs for her and will accept no other way, He would wait forever and then a day
With vision to span his lows and high, He knows true love will never die