Letra de Hurricane bubba


Letra de Hurricane bubba de Anti-heros
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( Anti-Heros )

Bubba dodged the draft in Vietnam, If Hitler was alive today he´d say, "Peace Man"
But the 60´s came and the 60´s went, and now Bubba is part of the Establishment
Got elected by 42%, He became the quota president
Packed the car and went to Washington D.C., He brought Al & Tipper & Hillary

{He´s a taxraiser, promise breaker, adulterer, He´s a draft dodger, Liberal dictator, potsmoker}

Made a lot of promises for which he is famous, Wants a gay man up the army´s anus
Knows you´ve got money and he want´s it, If air wasn´t free he´d put a tax on it
Says the countries problems are ones you made, I never burned a cross or owned a slave
He´s even got a man for a spouse, People are crashing planes into his house


He´s got a dirty sock for a knob, Jennifer Flowers did the cleaning job
Tried to bag Ms. Paula Jones, Should have let Ted Kennedy drive her home
Other women just come naturally, Bubbas got ´em and so does Hillary
He thinks he´s every woman´s best, Better get that guy a Kevlar vest