Letra de Murder one


Letra de Murder one de Anti-heros
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( Anti-Heros )

Here´s the story of three punks with a burning desire, To be gangsters to be guns for hire
Moreland Ave. on a hot summer night, Pete wanted to kill someone and do it tonight
He´s the boy that did the ultimate sin, Got the blood of christ dripping from his skin
With his silver spoon and his beady eyes, He decided who should live and who should die
Murderer, Pete is a Murderer
Dressed in suits, dressed for the kill, Walking to the bridge at the bottom of the hill
Looked for a passed out bum and they found one, Pete slit his throat just for fun
The bum went running through the bushes and weeds, They held his arms and made him bleed
Headlights flashing and the world spun around, The man was screaming when he hit the ground
Murderer, Paul is a Murderer
I wept and wondered what should I say, About the children who threw a man´s life away
Were you men or were you gods, Or suburban brats whose lives were a fraud
Scum like you don´t deserve to live free, I think you´d look good hanging from a tree
No remorse when you dealt all of the spades, I hope you get raped in jail and die of aids
Murderer, Francois is a Murder
Who should live and who should die [3x]