Letra de The other side


Letra de The other side de Anti-heros
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( Anti-Heros )

Not gonna say what I´m thinking about to you, and if you stay like that then we are through
Cause life is not a trial run I know I´ve just begun to find each answer from each day anew
We cannot forget what we have learned We won´t compromise what we have earned
Well most people I know are bores, and giving up won´t end our wars
We´ll never join the ones whose backs have turned

{You got 2 sides to every story 2 sides to every lie
You come looking for me that where ill be on the other side}

You´ll never get the true story from the press, On the streets is where we´re at our best
It´s hard to read the changing times, but judging from obvious signs help you learn a bit more than the rest
Try to read the answer in my eyes, Might find yourself thinking about your lies
Cause I don´t wear a plastic mask, I might tell you if you ask
No one wins when no one ever tries
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