Letra de Rock n roll fantasy


Letra de Rock n roll fantasy de Anti-heros
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( Anti-Heros )

Up in the morning splash water on my face, I´m not a winner I´m a disgrace
The mirror shows no image of perfection, I see myself and it´s a negative reflection
I´m not another kid filled with empty dreams, Who´s got it all and don´t know what it means
I´m the reason and that makes me a threat, I remember what you forget

{I won´t spend my life on the edge of reality, I´m not gonna die in a rock & roll fantasy}

Straight off the streets on to your stereo, Is how true rock is supposed to flow
We got the me generation´s decades of decadence, Heavy metal rocking to comic book cadence
Disco, high fashion, venereal disease, Abba, U2, and Shawn Cassidy
The cash registers are open, they´re never shut, They´re selling Madonna, the 20th century slut


Pretty boy music on your MTV, Bullshit rap music running off with your money
Today´s youth follow the prophets of wealth, They´d rather worship an idol than think for themselves
You got to be labeled and have a gimmick to make it, When you´re worthless you have to fake it
The drugged out crowd just follows the herd, They´re singing along and they don´t know the words
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