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Letra de National debt de Anti-heros
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( Anti-Heros )

Like a chicken running without its head, Our country´s debt is to its dead
Under a sky so cold and gray, The youth of our country died before their day
Not more than kids they stood for the flag, The government sent them
home in bags
Those young Americans will never see their homes, Now they sleep under
gardens of stone

{They died fighting a country that wasn´t a threat Now this is our national debt}

Commies in the east, money in the west put another bullet in a soldier´s chest
Who pays for the lines in his father´s face, Not the politicians who breached their faith
The men who fight for our nation, Shouldn´t be sent to war by a corporation
Democracy means one man one vote, Money has turned our government into a joke


So when its time to start another pointless war, The first ones drafted are the poor
With no money to buy a political voice, They´re sent to die without a choice
I´m an American, proud and free
I´m an American I believe in equality
Don´t tell me what to do or what to be, I´m an American, Don´t tread on me


Who´s gonna pay off the debt?
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