Letra de The tradition


Letra de The tradition de Anti-heros
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( Anti-Heros )

Born and raised from immigrant blood, Made a hardworking man out of me
The Code I live by is the Honor and honesty
What I learned was passed down, from the ghosts of my family
Lessons learned long before, They came from across the sea

{Friendship in struggle, courage in battle, wisdom in rage
Ardor in labor, Piety in love, Knowledge is sage [x2]}

Sacrifice don´t always have a reward, Courage is something you can´t afford
Pittsburgh steel in my fathers eye, Gave me the will to win and the guts to try
He showed no weakness not even a trace, ´til he broke his fist on my face
He went from US Steel to MIT, I cherish what my parents taught to me:


When I´m older I´ll raise a family, I´ll give them the substance that tempered me
They taught me the meaning of being the best I can, They raised me to be a true American

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