Letra de Alcoholics anonymous


Letra de Alcoholics anonymous de Anti-heros
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( Anti-Heros )

This ones for the kids who are still in school, And you wanna be tough so you break the rules
Life is boring, your family´s a mess, Get out of the house you think its best
Get new boots and you crop your hair, Pretty soon, you´ll be nowhere
Feels alright when you live for now, And a buck buys a stiff drink anyhow
Feel like a pebble on the beach, When you see things outside your reach
People come and people go, Too many times you´re left alone
Job to job and drink to drink, There ain´t enough time left to think
Smoke to smoke, lay to lay, One hangover for everyday

{Alcoholics Anonymous [3x] Alcoholics are anonymous}

You´re older now and you look real mean, And your face is creased and not too clean
Wanna be young make it last forever, But clockwork thrills won´t make it better
The ocean you swim has gotten too deep, Your blood is cold, you can´t get no sleep
Mouth is dry when you feel the hate, This is a nightmare you´ll never escape
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