Letra de Disco riot


Letra de Disco riot de Anti-heros
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( Anti-Heros )

Disco club 688 said they´d have a free beer night
We all knew we had to go, couldn´t have known that the bomb would blow
All the regulars smelled like shit, We got tanked up on the flowing draft
Queers all gave us hated stares, We were drunk, we didn´t care

{It was black that night it was black as night, of the disco fight of the disco riot}

Club sent up a moldy band, Friends went up to make a stand
One cup of draft on the stage, bouncers got in a pissed off rage
Beer was gone it was time to go, fun had only started though
Up the street we realized, 3 of the boys been left behind


Bill met a guy with a van and a wrench, beat his head to a bloody mess
They ran us down with the van, Chris took a broken leg like a man
Cops grabbed us, we all went down, They can´t run us out of this black old town
Face and name on the local news, got us in court with their faithful screws