Letra de Mrs. jones

Circle Jerks

Letra de Mrs. jones de Circle Jerks
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Letra de Mrs. jones de Circle Jerks.

( Circle Jerks )

Hello Mrs. Jones
Good neighbor Sam
How are you doing?
While you´re working nine to five
Do you know what your kids are doing?


Youngest debbies´ skipping class
Grades so poor she´ll barely pass
Oldest roger he´s so dear
A pessimist the end is near

The family ties are breaking down
There´s not much to do to save them
Tell yourself you´ll spend more time
With the kids they´ll say forget it

Mrs. Jones, good neighbor Sam

Everything you work so hard
You only want the best
You tell yourselves and your friends
They´re better than the rest
Don´t you know that I feel tone & tons of sorrow
Hey! By the way you got a rake that I can borrow?

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