Letra de Dudes

Circle Jerks

Letra de Dudes de Circle Jerks
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( Circle Jerks )

Dudes, where´s my point?
Down the drain?, sinus pain

Big boy burger man I´m the one who can
Pizza on the house, Europe´s in the can
Jap´s are all tied up, Aussie´s on the run
You don´t even know, dude´s I am the one


Forehead throbbing, stomach´s bobbing
It´s my job and not a hobby
Call me gumby, you don´t want me
Burgers coming, now I´m bumming

I can get some time, studio is prime
Budget for the food, sushi´s really smooth
Release our demo tapes, the money that it makes
Will never be enough, to reconstruct your legs
On your visions we could choke
Dude, you´re a joke

Sound is burning, it´s really happening
Deals are churning the weels are turning around
You´re breaking, because I´m making you
I´m not faking, I won´t take you for a ride
I´m saying, you guys will get what you want
I´m praying, I´m gonna get a big point
Baby it´s in your mind, ´cause you never had it!!!