Letra de Political stu

Circle Jerks

Letra de Political stu de Circle Jerks
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( Circle Jerks )

can you grasp the situation?
or is it getting out of hand
riots,killing in the streets
over the color of a man

everybody looks the same
with their head stuck in the hand
every one looks the same
´til you see where they stand

reactionary politics
are the order of the day
it makes me really sick to
see the poor,treated this way

caviar and limousines
high finance and jelly beans
decorate the east wing california modern,
it´ great to be the king

did you see the demonstrations in another land
over weapons annihillation care of uncle sam

the stock market does not reveal
the arms that they have sold
half the world can´t get a meal
the war is getting cold

a bushel or a barrel
neither can be saved
you feed your beef with wasted wheat
to dominate your crave

can you hear the foreign voices
can you understand?
every great civilisation crumbles in the sand
organizations and their plans
i´m anti swa,anti klan
P.L.O.,J.D.L.,they can all burn in hell