Letra de Junk mail

Circle Jerks

Letra de Junk mail de Circle Jerks
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Letra de Junk mail de Circle Jerks.

( Circle Jerks )

where did they get my name?
It´s allways just the same
junk mail junk mail
i think i´ll change address
i´m not a resident,i´m not an occupant

junk mail junk mail [twice]

guess what i got today?
envelopes i´ll throw away
pamphlets,nrochures on clothes
samples,tampons,nylon hose

junk mail junk mail

send it back from where it was send,
they must take me for an idiot
thay can have it i don´t want it
they can keep it,i don´t need a
junk mail junk mail
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