Letra de Rock house

Circle Jerks

Letra de Rock house de Circle Jerks
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( Circle Jerks )

Party waste, found the base
Had a taste, daryl gates is breaking through
Stole my car, in my drawer, stole my bucks
Really sucks, I can´t trust you
Candle light, door shut tight, gonna fight
Losers here are so uncool
Brought me here, took my cash, get away
Take me for a fool

Rock house is destroying you
Low life´s smoking kools
locked door are the rule
Ramdoors breaking through

Zombie girls drooping eyes
Can´t get enough, one more puff
We´re not through
Dealer says give ´em head
He´s got something that will make you really smooth
Legs are spread, mouths are open
Most of them are hoping that it might be you
Spent the cash, make a dash
Keep inhaling till your face is turning blue