Letra de The crowd

Circle Jerks

Letra de The crowd de Circle Jerks
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( Circle Jerks )

Sometimes I feel so all alone
When there´s so many people
It´s all a state of mind for me
Every once of a while
They ought to abide by what is true
And it´s all been spoken
It´s a matter of what they want for them
And it´s bringing me down


You won´t like what I have to say
Don´t really matter
You won´t like what I have to say to you
Saying it anyway
Let your people know...
All the world must live here!

Now and then a few seem that they care
About the others
They´re aware of what tomorrow brings
And it´s hopeless feeling
If you know that you fear as I do
Please let me know
We can say that we´re not alone
And the rest will follow