Letra de Firebaugh

Circle Jerks

Letra de Firebaugh de Circle Jerks
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( Circle Jerks )

Brown and white, enter the night
Opposite sides of the street
No one speaks, no one looks
Their paths shall never meet
An unsuspecting traveler
Stranded in the night
Trapped in a realm of existence
Everybody´s right
A voice cries out "Hey Charlie Brown!"
Are you the next vato who´s gonna go down?
Heads turn, we told you so
If your car breaks down
Don´t take a tow to


Firebaugh, Firebaugh
A place where no one dreams
Where either race is human waste
It´s here that silence screams
Firebaugh, Firebaugh
The outer limits near
Drinking beer´s the pastime here
This place is filled with hate and fear

Cornfields die, custard things
See the boredom in their eyes
Low riders, okies look for romance
Is this the place where the blackbirds dance?
Three men one woman sit at the bar
She´s the town whore, the village star
Who´ll be the one to get up her dress?
Pass on by avoid this mess


If by chance your car breaks down
Keep your ear close to the ground
You might end up on the wrong side of town
What can you do? They´re plotting your mouth