Letra de Dancing in


Letra de Dancing in berlin de Berlin
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Letra de Dancing in berlin de Berlin.

( Berlin )

Stop, now let´s go again
Go, don´t stop again
No, I don´t want to be alone

Yes, it´s a time for fun
Dance, ´til the night is done
Look, it´s a motion picture show

Dancing in Berlin
I want to see you
Dancing in Berlin

East, such a mystery
West, open history
You, just a moment flashing by

Look, see I´m just like you
Hey, can´t you see it´s true
Touch, and you´ll feel the answer too

Reach, for your politics
Fire, propaganda tricks
Stop, just look at me again

One, there´s no time for this
Two, grant me just one wish
Please, there´s no wall
in front of you
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