Letra de Masquerade


Letra de Masquerade de Berlin
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( Berlin )

Masqueradeberlinpleasure victimthe painted faces on the streetcaricatures of long agooh they were young and oh so sweetdown beyond the boulevardknock on doors and empty hallsand still sometimes rememberthe masquerade's foreverwhen you see the price they paidi'm sure you'll come and join the masqueradethe reeling figurtes pass on bylike ghosts in some forgotten playbeneath the black and empty skymusic plays and figures dancewith partners chosen by chanceand still some times rememberthe masquerade's foreverthey reached for tomorrowbut tomorrows, more of the sameso they reached for tomorrowbut tomorrow never camewhen you hear the price they paidi'm sure you'll come and join the masqueradeone by one and two by twopast eight by tens in shattered framesthe players try to leave the roomfrantic puppets on a stringand all the while the music singsand still sometimes rememberthe masquerade's forever