Letra de Sex me, talk me


Letra de Sex me, talk me de Berlin
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( Berlin )

Back against the darkest wall
The mannequin is real
Knowing that it dare not fall
The hair across his empty eye

Says careful mystery is mine
Hide and seek if you desire
By chance are you alone
I started with hello
Silence turned my eyes onto my feet
Sorry to disturb
As I walked away he grabbed my arm
Losing all my nerve
Turned me around and said
Try this
Sex me Talk me Sex me Talk me

Whirling dirvish careless whirl
Dancing wildly for the girls
Challenged by the sudden change
Attention for a baby´s cry
Turning eyes to he and I
His eyes took me in
We sat down again
A smile says the jokes on me
I said hey Mr. Man
Was I having a good time
I don´t understand
A hint is left but never dropped
A finger on my lips says stop
Try this
Driving home in silent car
I wonder just how much how far
He flashed that smileAt my
place the engine ran
Would you like to come inside