Letra de The metro


Letra de The metro de Berlin
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( Berlin )

The metroberlini'm alonesitting with my empty glassmy four wallsfollow me through my pasti was on a paris traini emerged in london rainand you were waiting thereswimming through apologiesi remember searching for the perfect wordsi was hoping you might change your mindi remember a soldier sleeping next to meriding on the metroyou wore whitesmiling as you took my handso removedwe spoke of wintertime in franceminutes passed with shallow wordsyears have passed and still the hurti can see you nowsmiling as i pulled awayi remember the letter wrinkled in my hand"i'll love you always" filled my eyesi remember a night we walked along the seineriding on the metroi remember a feeling coming over methe soldier turned, then looked awayi remember hating you for loving meriding on the metro