Letra de World of smiles


Letra de World of smiles de Berlin
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( Berlin )

World of smilesberlinpleasure victimi'm thinkingfaces changing pictures come to mindtry to change the subjectsensationstare reveal me, still i want to knowcapture time in a photographwell i say "how do you do"shatters my mirrored viewif only your lie would disappearwhy don't you plaster your facethen i just might believei'll crack you open, smash you downi repeatyour mad charadethis s. r. game you play's a freezeindifferencegreetings and smilesyou've got yours now i've got... minei've got to swallow your prideshallow men hear no rhymefurniture shifts as you walk bywhy don't you look in my eyeswhat do you see in thereplastic melts in a world of smilesi'm laughinghurt me, hurt me, now the joke's on yousatisfy your consciencestop talking, stop talkingtear me open and leave me here to bleedcut me up, cut me down to size

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