Letra de Touch


Letra de Touch de Berlin
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Letra de TOUCH de BERLIN.

( Berlin )

You can buy me a daquiri
You can take me home and tear my clothes off
Here am I, married nor celebate. Ha ha.

Want a ´lude, I don´t care
The feeling´s numb but we cry, oh, aah
Here am I making sure you get your share

Well, isn´t this a night
You have a wife, a little girl at home
Never mind, nice to know you, wave goodbye

Touch, touch, touch me, can you stay tonight?
I don´t want you to leave my side
Talk, talk, talk to me, I need to know
Will you remember me tomorrow?

Well, if you say you love me I might believe
that you see something special in me
And then the days go by and you´re not there
If you want me, touch me, touch me now