Letra de Together we roam

Alexia Chellun

Letra de Together we roam de Alexia Chellun
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( Alexia Chellun )

I am here now to see the bigger picture of my life
As I roam though the rain, I cut illusions with a knife
And so, as we move into a dimension of prosperity
And oh, as we move into a love vibration energy

I think back to the moment when I realized I?m not alone
We?re all part of a great web a spinning gigantic cosmic dome
An invisible connection
Intangible perception
Things that words can barely touch upon

As I close my eyes, I see myself from a great and distant height
I laugh lightly, as I see me conjuring up human might
It?s 4 in the morning subtle realms rock me awake
I sit besides wizards, angels and elves as we mold and as we make

Together we roam, together we plant trees so that they grow
Together we sing, together we hold, together we flow

Together we work on the things that we know
Together we go
On va rejoindre ensemble pour danser
On va rejoindre pour embrasser
Amor Amor Amor Amor
Ala nou la Ala nou la Nou pé zoin en paix
Ala nou la Ala nou la Nou pé tap la main
Sagabo sagabo