Letra de Over you

Alexia Chellun

Letra de Over you de Alexia Chellun
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( Alexia Chellun )

Here I sit all alone and I wonder where you roam
Do you sit all alone or are you talking on the phone
How about we sit alone, together one more time?

And I know I should be over you by now
And oh, if I could
I´d hold you and show you how much
I love you babe

I´ve been doing many things like meditating
On the now and the breathe, on life and on death
And still I see your sweet face in my mind

Here we go here we go
We´re rolling through the snow
Dancing through the night and
Like a river we flow
Here we are here we are
We´re sitting in a bar
Drinking through the night and
We´re sleeping in the car

If I could sing you one line, of this dimension of time
Of the love in my heart, oh I don´t know where to start
We are spinning around together and miles apart
Oh I just love you my dear and I wanna see you here
See your face and your smile for an endless while
Hold your hand, touch your hair
Look at you and stare
Till the earth meets the stars and Jupiter finds Mars
Sing a song all night long and then wonder where it´s gone
Be so wild like a child, like there nothing ever wrong
Kiss all day in the street, dance all night on our feet
And spin around till we fall
And that is not all