Letra de By the ocean

Alexia Chellun

Letra de By the ocean de Alexia Chellun
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( Alexia Chellun )

Misty morning here by the ocean, so peaceful to be
Misty clouds and misty motion, all the way out to sea
I spent the day walking around this seaside town
And at the end of the day I find myself sitting on the sand

Come on down to the ocean my friends we?ll sit in harmony
See you there by the ocean my friends, oh that?s how it will be

I think of all the people I met on the road today
Silent angels roaming the city, living in play
We meet and greet each in a smiley style
And all the things we say to each other, linger for a while

As the red sun lowers itself into the melting sky
All the Starlings they are dancing in union so high
They swirl in circles, oh around their home
And they all get together to join, one who?s flying alone