Letra de She said

Alexia Chellun

Letra de She said de Alexia Chellun
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( Alexia Chellun )

She said in a voice that will stay with me forever, that I have the choice to be that what I will
She said in voice that sounds like dancing over meadows blue and green
She said that I am free of things that do not serve me
She said so many things in a voice and then just held me
As the moon wrapped itself around the earth and came back looking like the sun

Take me to your realm
Take me to that place where we dance and sing together
Take me to your realm where I see you´ve been before
In your mind of misty weather
Take me

She said in a voice that smiled as she was frowning and trying not to laugh
She said in a voice of lifetimes she remembered and being with just that
She said that we are here doing our best as a human
She said that everyone is an angel in a new form
And all we have to do is breathe deep and understand the best way that we can