Letra de Fallen star

Alexia Chellun

Letra de Fallen star de Alexia Chellun
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( Alexia Chellun )

Over the mountains tall and blue
I saw you standing who
Would´ve thought unwrapping a gift from your 8th generation ancestors

Over the ocean calm at night
I saw you stand in light
Hovering, honouring word by a nameless sage in time

You´re a fallen star bound to your flesh
Bound to your bones
You´re a fallen star
Is all that you have left
To keep from flying home

Over the valleys deep and red
I dreamed that you were dead
Floating round choosing time, which, where, how, when to incarnate

Over the town I once called home
I saw your spirit roam
Where you had a chance to fly, release from this denser form

Is where the moonlight stirs your soul
Is where the dance is all you know
Is where a look can shake your world

Is where true love´s a living pearl Over is my hold onto you
I saw your smile and knew
That the time was now and that we had to move