Letra de Work the angles

Dilated Peoples

Letra de Work the angles de Dilated Peoples
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( Dilated Peoples )

"dilated peoples"

I work the angles sharp and precise
Dilated peoples so you better build twice
"act like ya know not now but right now"
Dilated peoples

"skills i possess"

I go through riddles (what?)
So i don't leave a scent
I travel both directions but leave one set of prints
It's just a little trick
Of the indigenous
Developing inner visions of what religion is
I caught the understanding and the underhanded
I plan to build my ship been banded to another planet
Under heavy surveillance
Many different agents
Some are camouflage others are very blatant
I study weapon systems and vocal fighting forms
I maybe lose a head, the thoughts are highly formed
Like time times time times time is time squared
Wipe ya ass sayin' ? you don't rhyme fair
But i never dummy lyrics and they kick it to my people
It's about communication not a rappers ego
Messages i sneak in they seem to seep in
Mixed with alcohol and weed on the weekend
Shared among friends like various sins
One day it clicks it's no longer dim
Time release capsules humble the headstrong
Your thoughts of taking me head on are dead wrong


Evidence the master of aketo
I let go, karate confrontations
Evidence scientist in innovation
I locks on when i travels around planets
Smooth but got a ruff edge like pulitzer pianists
? your attack receive payments for the cadence
A in this, you get fit fowl with flagrance
Free agents on the dotted line more hard to sign
Not easily impressed with gold mines and whole nines
I'm somewhere in-between never rushed and in a hurry
And when i swing my bat i don't think i'll miss like baseball
Fury the jury's hung
Converted and got no chance
Dilated comes first the rest are second like stu lance
Oh yes it get better everyday
The a-1, is my mind on vintage display?
Unattended in this case
(the ace two steps ahead)
Everyday is mayday and best friends are feds
But i know this that's why they closest
In a crisis situation you negotiate first
I'm perfectly focused
Strategic and in a zone
It was radar detected but my speed was unknown
Anonymity, that's my key to survival
Ev is not for evidence it's for all the dense on trial
Just remember in this game it take two to tango
Don't go to them let them come to you
And work the angles