Letra de End of the time

Dilated Peoples

Letra de End of the time de Dilated Peoples
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( Dilated Peoples )

It all comes down to this it all comes down (x3)

A lot of match to insense i'm tense with every sentence
Dence is how my weed is i rock them ill adidas
Yo my feet is in deep peep my twist lingustics
Loud like steve ripkith but most of y'all won't miss it
To some it comes slower others much faster
My rhymes stand out like calliped at the masters
Ask the question "yo let me step up"
I say you can't try us cause fools dying
Before they get the chance like len blias
Ride by us they walk well i be hidden in shade
More content then when rent is paid
And renitent like raider spraid
Oow yo first date is made for those who needed evidence
Becoming ill never defeating the purpose
But i propose my flows goes off the deep end
Living everyday of the week like a weekend
That's just my lifestyle i'll cut like a knife while
You'll dull like shine never mind it's the end of the time

"it's the end of the time" -group home

While some crash the backboard i slash the blackboard
With permanet chalf i decode your thought
Thee eraser i will rip apart to make a marker
Flooded with more sheets now lines are darker
But who would of thought when nine years have past
The lines will contain the signs of the pat
And when my day finally comes at last
I resound taking out mad fools in the blast

Evidence will keep it on lyrics hi tech like tron
Visualize pictures drawn in neon
With suttle backdrops blackk for silouetts
Torn up cities that floundered nothing left
No fish in the streams no natural greens
Like a dream or a scene from 2014
But that's the next let my stay on the line
Evidence violated till the end of the time

Hook (x2)

I pick up vibes like god part of quarty hey
Through my brain sends my arms back signals of pain
I take you where i need to go from the scheme to the store
I travel when i flow we can do mars like joe
Then stroll back to earth critique your transmission
You must renovate then innovate in a dimension
Not just of sound and sight but of mind like the twilight
Your rhymes are incomplete like a piece without the highlight
I be that artist painting pictures lyrically
In 3d to make that picture pop out spherically
When i rap i do laps like tyco race tracks
So i bomb exact i sue my airial map
Poetic contractor design and build
Many intricate messages are messed with skill
Prescriptions are filled by traditional
Medicinal appressional rhymes
To break down before the end of the time

Hook (x2)

Shit that's how we do it. dilated peoples just rule
"it's the end of the time" (x4)