Letra de Third degree

Dilated Peoples

Letra de Third degree de Dilated Peoples
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( Dilated Peoples )

Featuring defari

(punch in)
I punch in this club elaine
Punch out just pissed in hurricane
When this is done things will never be the same
Peace to mega trend setters along i'm never taggin'
Word tameer and ah year of the dragon
In '76 born bomb lyricist
Ever since i stun the mic and drums i keep 'em crisp
>from that events which occur in dense fog
Accumulates clouds monsoons and thick smog
By the way this is protected by the green that i'm smokin'
With the key to unlock your mind i get it open
Ajar mad far i kick you out the drivers listen
Dilated peoples place in po position
While suckers steady fishin'
I got that big catch
Lead you to the trap door switch on the latch
My name is evidence and my mic a strike on any match (in fact)
After this track we'll have 'em stuck like tacks

It's the one two three mcs
Now it's our turn to burn and blaze for always (x2)

I keeps it rough and rugged rugged and rough
A lot of kids think they hard oh my god i call they bluff
And pull they cards like the king of hearts
A lot of these cats act well enough to play the parts
But i see through that's why i stay true
And keep it real
Rhymes worth more than eighty mil
I blaze records like a circle on magnify
Precise laser beam lyrics (who you?) heru defari
Oh me oh my these botty bwoys gon have ta die
They can run and hide but allah know every sodomite
That's why righteousness prevails through every verse
Me have to ? down babylon and live free of curse
Or free of evil strictly rough rhymes fro the people
Dilated together we bond like seamen
We breathin' with reggie white style defense
Raise you hand if you're tired of the rapper man who don't make sense
Lyrics of gold rhymes are worth more than bill folds
All you wack mcs give back them styles that you stole
You owe
Your dues are questionable
You're a longtime criminal there's a hit out on you

Hook (x4)

I create to devastate
Deep space blast off
Make you salivate like pets of pavlov
Lines like bar codes but no mark of the beast
Givin' peace to pioneers of the parks in the east
From la at it's finest the name is iriscience
Or mr. iristyle i hold material like linus
David to goliath is me to the mindless
I hope i haven't been chipped so satellites can't find it
Big up to iodine i try to get in touch
Big up to defari for comin' through in the clutch
Lyrically, i pick 'em apart like coleef
Prophecy of garvy manifest salacee
Concoring lion 225th in the line
So i choose to entertain and uplift the mind
Dilated never wack crew
Ready set and tatoo
Understand that rocker don't throw stone i throw statues