Letra de Caffeine

Dilated Peoples

Letra de Caffeine de Dilated Peoples
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( Dilated Peoples )

Play for keeps
Yo, i got twenty-four bars to heal these scars
i'm an underground cat but still like money and cars
i'll introduce myself, check it out, ladies and gentlemen
the one and only evidence, servin' up your medicine
varsity letterman, 'e' on my coat
every time i touch the paper, it's murder he wrote
i'm from a real big city called "watch where you go"
a place you think you know only to find out you don't
born in la, it's hard to get star struck
born in la, so i always keep my guard up
born in la, plus deal where i stay
everyday cats like julio g pave the way
my crews thick, all sharp, take a pick
all ready to spit or sit down and write a hit
we learn both from the best on both coasts
couldn't stress enough for the times, we kill chose
problem here, problem there, got through 'em
label here, label there, politics and bullshit, we rip
the mic's cocked back, a full clip
i don't preach, i rap, i'm on stage this ain't a bull pit
this is it, we're up and running, torch is lit
prepare for marathons, we don't sprint
i save my crew's name for last, injections lethal
it's la's finest y'all, it's dilated peoples
(chorus) 2x
And y'all can't sleep now
play for keeps
we play for keeps now
y'all can't sleep
(bridge) 2x
There's people you know
there's people you don't
there's people involved that shouldn't be
you gotta keep close
I got that flow for the street
stay ahead of the time, stay behind the beat
it's not what you know, but what you can prove
everyday they keep chasing me down with little clues
it's dilated from los angels
you didn't know friends make better music than strangers
so far, i've been misunderstood
wherever i fall, i make the category look good
twenty-six years young when i wrote this down
my whole life ahead of me, i was 'lone in my town
things started to change and started to stretch
the farther away i went the closer to home i started to get
my actions cause reactions
some love and hate shit, i don't ask, it just happens
either or, we came to get it started
before the show find me at the bar drinkin' bicardi
this is it, the cats worked hard to have things
here to keep the party up, i rap caffeine
i save my crew's name for last, injections lethal
it's la's finest, it's dilated peoples
(chorus) 2x
(bridge) 4x