Letra de Sunrise beast


Letra de Sunrise beast de Catharsis
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( Catharsis )

East crimson with the dawn,
The red on mountain heads
It is becoming so
The land of singing sands!

The East is Sunrise Beast,
Its paws are darkness-clad
The cruelty of East
Will make the sky reel back!

[Bridge I]
The dawn for infidels
Brings gift of slashing steel
The Hawk with wings wide-spread -
The sign of blood to spill...

[Chorus I, II, III]
Oh! Who is trapped by his faith?
God is one and alone,
Darkness hiding His face...

Each ray of coming sun
Is filled with steely glints
The orders of the One
Is sealing their lips.

The road to Heaven´s realm
Is light from battlefield -
Foe´s blood on your sharp steel -
Just bring your gruesome yield!

[Bridge II]
Their silken robes and veils -
White ghosts in windy mist
The Hawk in blood-filled skies -
The Omen of the East!

Day grows older in its time -
It´s a law for all that´s born
Sun goes down and distant line
Cuts away the firestorm.

West like wise old lion
Lies down with lazy ease,
And from the stone
Licks the blood of East!

No matter what - East or West -
Never-ending dispute,
Foolish blood-spilling quest...

[Chorus IV]
Who tells Shaitan from Messiah?
And our blasphemous hands
Raise our banners so high...
Oh! There are so many names
For the only one God...
Bitter smile on his face...