Letra de Silent tears


Letra de Silent tears de Catharsis
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Letra de Silent tears de Catharsis.

( Catharsis )

Sky full of stars
Before my eyes
My inane look
It calmly took

My only friend
Is air land
Eternal world
Is grey and cold

My soul is tough
It´s strong enough
I´m sure I´ll win
For loss I´m mean

My story´s frank
It´s out of rank
Of usual tales
Where feeling fails

There´s no end
In such a trend
Where love is hold
On sorrow fold

Remember me
And never flee
From my embrace
To other place

The tension edge
No one can gage
I can´t forget...
My eyes are wet...

My sufferings´re great
Of tears they´re made
I will prevent
My torturement...
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