Letra de Follow the sun


Letra de Follow the sun de Catharsis
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( Catharsis )

Life never stops
And the time will stop and wait for... No one!
But we won´t know who´s the last one
To cast shade on Sands of Time?

Sun fills life with its warm light
And your words will never stop... Sunlight
And it´s my choice every morning -
Start my life as something new

[Bridge I]
Playful wind will blow me in the face
- Hey, wake up, it´s time to shine! -
And the Sun will send me to the place
Where doubts and shame will not be mine...

[Chorus I, II, III]
What if there´s no time tomorrow
To run my usual way?
Sun will give no way to sorrow
Warming up my hope and faith

Evening comes back, giving me a reason
To light up my eyes with smile - gently
For what is gone, with its hasty feelings,
Will dissolve in useless dust

[Bridge II, III]
Let the past die quietly away
Fill with reason each new day
Don´t stir up the ashes of before -
Just forget and lock the door...

[Chorus IV]
The Time is flying by us
Not all is as it seems
Maybe I´m growing wiser
Time will never break my dream