Letra de Pro memoria


Letra de Pro memoria de Catharsis
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( Catharsis )

I pass my way through pictures of her cries
And pain in my scarred soul´s like clouds in skies
I recognize my guilt: It´s my fault: but
I see dark sufferings breaking fender heart

My life paints black, I can´t live it right
Cold winds of sorrow blow in the night
I see the gates with painter-drawn landscapes
I follow "it" to path that leads away

I feel the dawn
My cage is left
You go towards the lawn
Avoiding inner death
You made me be alone
For better love you strive
You´re free of soul stone
I´m free of soul life

I ask my angel: "Where is the key?"
(shadows of deeds in past don´t let me be)
"Your painful sins will make your cold soul dead
You are to confess ´n´ to pray, my son", - he said

My mind recalls the circle of black swans
They whirled around the lake and choose wax dolls
Which symbolized the torment of her heart
Dark birds were silent waiting for the judge