Letra de Imago


Letra de Imago de Catharsis
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( Catharsis )

Change your heart for strangest living
Strength in weaklings, strong ones weeping
Go through pain and come out chainless
You´re reached Bliss, but still you´re restless

[Bridge I, II]
Maybe I will know
What´s there in my soul
And my road will flow
To place I´ve always had to go... but...

[Chorus I, II]
Let my road go long
So I can look down the depth of my heart
And to fight there the ghosts
That chain my soul
And stop their laughter
That´s tearing me
While road goes on...

Strive for love for all that´s dear
Yet each step still brings you near
Final cry and very last breath
When your soul becomes a Goddess

[Bridge III]
Then I´ll come to see
What´s there in my mind
Rising from my knees
I´ll find the Goodness of my kind... and...

[Chorus III]
Let my road be hard
Escaping slumber that´s eating my heart
And defiling my soul
Road still goes on
So I can look down my heart and grow strong,
The road goes on...