Letra de Aeons


Letra de Aeons de Catharsis
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( Catharsis )

In the heart of the mind
Feel it burn
Another dark stain
The pulsating strain
With no peace
In the heart of disease
Feel the pain
Cannot deal with what is
The catharsis
Will soon begin
Confused weakened and blind
The weight of despair
Cracks open the ddoor
Shakes to the core
Inner sleep
Crushing aeons to dust
Regain the space
The ageless expanse
The gateless entrance
Inside me
Feel it burn
Feel it tonight
All belief
The other shore
Reach it tonight
Feels all right
There´s no peace- why can´t I leave it all behind
Feel it
The other shore- why can´t I reach it tonight
Feel it
It´s all so useless hopeless demons that curse and deny
Feel it
And I know there´s more truth to this life
There´s more than this
Look up to the sky
It all crashes down
It makes no sense
To me something inside pushes endlessly
Can no longer ffight what will be