Letra de The shadow murderer

Buried Dreams

Letra de The shadow murderer de Buried Dreams
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Letra de The shadow murderer de Buried Dreams.

( Buried Dreams )

In my dream's kingdom
bleeds my desolated soul
filling me with rage, hate and indifference
The torture starts for you
it's the non reality arcade
indulging your bitter farewell
and watching everything around you
There's no turning back
your life is mine, it belongs to me
i want everything inside you
i'm your destiny, can't run away
Show me your pain, it feeds my hate
cry blood tears cause i'm thirsty
i see the fear you can feel
through your eyes and sense panic's smell
don't want to hold this long agony
feel through your skin my cold daggers steel
i'll deliver you to death with it
no one can hear screams getting lost in the vast sky
I live hidding in shadows
there's no ilusion no time
i don't take pity on entreties
i'll take the awake from you
I disguise all evil in me with a smile
there's no human spirit in me
no concious look the future in me
it's your being reflection
[solo tono]
This is the pain's night
the fires fury burns in me
your skin blows up in thousand pieces
your blood is what i want
your flesh is my desire
enjoying your agony in your dreams
A mortal silence falls, beyond reality
you are in reverie, hidding in your fears
shining the souls in black dimensions
[solo ndua]
In your dreams kingdom
can get through mercyless
i wait face to face
at the eternal gates
of a dawn being
who believed in himself

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