Letra de The riddle

Buried Dreams

Letra de The riddle de Buried Dreams
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Letra de The riddle de Buried Dreams.

( Buried Dreams )

Those eyes, like pits of damnation. like orbs of black steel. i stare into them and i am lost. my mind screams for release panic, flight!!! but my body does not respond. i can not move. his caress lingers on my face for a heartbeat and then his fingers drift around my neck, so gentle. they offer me no mercy. like a wolf he pounces, his fangs rake across my throat and pierce my skin. why can i scream? a blaze of heat: rapture. he licks at my essence as it pours from my gullet, then begins to suck. i cling to him like a drowning sailor, like a lover. my rock. my fire. my lust. my senses spin into the night, reaching out for solid ground. i clutch at the lapel of his cloak. if there is a heaven, i pray i go there if there is a hell, i know i am there now. i feel my life slipping away. my eyes are burning, i let out one last moan shooting out the darkness and pain, i rise up, leaving my twisting and heaving body. i feel my life slipping away, my eyes are burning, having this torment my life blood will burn!!! the last sand falls through the hourglass, it is calm here; i am at peace. this be death, the unmaking... heat!!! pain!!! confusion!!! i smell bitterness, the cold fragrance wrenches my soul from its rest. he holds his wrist toward me oozing life, its red gleam beckons to me. i know but one thing: i must drink to live. like an animal, i lunge. greedily i suck at his skin. the hot liquor caresses my mouth. i welcome to its warmth. nerves given up for dead return to painful vitality. i try to scream. the life flow continues unabated, filling me. what have i become? with a cry, i grasp wildly for the sours of life. it is gone. i collapse to the floor. the crash of broken glass resound somewhere nearby. i am alone. with the gift of life still heavy in my stomach, i sink into the realm of nightmares. the pain becomes ecstasy, such exquisite, living agony. we become one, as death!

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