Letra de Death beneath

Buried Dreams

Letra de Death beneath de Buried Dreams
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Letra de Death beneath de Buried Dreams.

( Buried Dreams )

"i want to confess
as honest as i can
but my heart es empty
turned to my being "
My face causes me fear
i live in a disturbing world
traped in my dreams and fantasies
i don't want to die
Because i want knowledge
no faith, no hope, no lies
i don't want to name god
to some piece of my fear
[lead tono & ndua]
a challenge against to no-name
for just another piece of time
too short for a lifetime
like a sea in a blackened cave
Death has been walking by my side
for so long, but i still can go
we all have to remember
that we all are going to die
there's a nightmare inside my head
broken chains, misguided world
but i'm not scared anymore
the joy of death has come to me
i can feel my hunger
but i'm falling again
My ambition lead me
to a lonley life
the end of night is comming
and my time is running out
Knowledge to fullfill my path
of graving all i can
simply i don't care if i have to die
I'm disguted to life
to much games to win them all
there was silence in the sky
when the death open the door
There were angels falling
upon the dusk of time
whispering hidden voices
surrounding the world behind
[solo ndua]
There were angels....
[lead tono & ndua]
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