Letra de Redemption

Buried Dreams

Letra de Redemption de Buried Dreams
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Letra de Redemption de Buried Dreams.

( Buried Dreams )

Bright as the sun
saved from the scum
lying in motion
the path to redemption
Hear the whispering silence
skinning her off
with the sacred knife
her soul is for the gods
Staring in silence
i wait this psycho coma
speechless before her
i am lost in her blood
This flesh is so sweet
it covers my worst sins
i feel so secure
and the gods will light our way
As the night falls down
she wears the crown
and we hope the gift
for a new day drift
She starts to shake
while the winds blow by
all the staring eyes
at the flesh that'll dry
but will give us... light!
The ritual in the night
for the never ending light
as she reaches inmortality
i bleed for my insanity
As we aproach the holy ground
she drowns into this trance
she takes my blooded hand
and thanks me for this endless gift
[solo ndua]
Dancing in the ritual night
we are waiting for her to start the flight
what we only hear forever is...
i'm free of my skin!!!

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