Letra de No going back


Letra de No going back de Antichrisis
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( Antichrisis )

As love is passing out
what was it all about
could you please explain?

I asked you twice before
don´t you love me anymore
but you just smiled and touched my face...

The sound of falling rain
like shards of glass
Why can´t we be saved by the bell?

So strange it doesn´t hurt no more
Now that we´ve finally hit the score
Guess everything must go!

Distractions of days gone by on the window pane
You keep walking down that lane

Too bad we didn´t have the heart
to pass the test, not to depart
and finish what we´ve started

Now we left everything behind
pretending to make up our mind
what kind of mind can be so blind?

Accusing me, not to forget
You took the blame, a ricochet
All things once good turned into bad

And even if I understand
we couldn´t meet our vast demands
I doubt if anyone ever can

Streaks of lightning set the skies aflame
The wedding bells toll for our love in vain
Our joy, our laughter as we wane
like distant shadows in the falling rain

A last distraction on my window pane
Why did I let you walk down that lane?
Prematurely our love gave up its ghost
abandoned us just when we needed it most

But somewhere out there in the night
we´re still standing side by side
the nightwind calls
and there´s no going back
no going back

Hold me tight for one last time
though my heart feels cold as rime
it´s all over now
no going back
no going back
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