Letra de The way


Letra de The way de Antichrisis
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( Antichrisis )

Up on the balcony
I watched you walk away but I couldn´t see
that this parting kiss was forever, oh come back to me
Yet another summer without you, soon fall will be there
but comes winter I guess I´ll be over in Cornwall somewhere

I try walking in our footsteps
These days passing in a time lapse
I went trough anger, hate and frustration
searching for some kind of revokation
We couldn´t fail? How did it happen?
Just for a dare? Everything´s shattered...
Darkness embrace me, I´m misplaced here
This is the wrong score, stranded on a strange shore...

The way we were
Yes, our hearts were beating together til something occured
Now you´re up there somewhere in Scotland and I´m left in midair
guess I´m waiting for your return eternally
but comes the end of December, let it rain down on me...

What have we found? Just a rebound
was it worth the price we paid?
What have we gained after these strains?
Remember Penzance Promenade...
What´s the truth? The importance of who´s right or wrong?
I don´t care, cause the nights without you are much too long

Each day my heart is gettin´ colder
The burden´s heavy on my shoulder
over and over I see the same scene
trapped in a nightmare, not just a bad dream
Couldn´t run coz I was petrified
Tried to swallow my foolish pride
Or cities are lost forever so it seems
missing you so much it makes me want to scream

Last night I had a dream
Me flying high above the sea in the sky
with my arms wide open dazzling clouds passing by
And the mermaids´ song guiding me on my way
to the coastline with its cliffs of chalk and clay

I´m trying hard to keep my eyes shut
The things I see they are not clear-cut
No matter how I try to get you out of my mind
somewhere you´re still there and I wish that I was blind
This time there´ll be no substitution
just like with former dissolutions
Occupying my heart hence there´ll be no new start
A devotion as deep as the ocean

A saturday back in September
the golden sunlight in your eyes
This day I always will remember
You were the fairest of all brides

The sun has gone, we´re on our own
Our paradise, a fragile dream
A void is calling, and I´m falling
into time´s adamant stream
Called your name into the night but you´re gone
Still a flame might arise from the embers at dawn

I want to be again on our way back home
I want to be again on our way back home
I want to be again on our way back home
I want to be again on our way back home

Come to me, come to me
come to me across the sea
come to me, come to me
together in eternity...