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Letra de Proem de Antichrisis
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( Antichrisis )

And as I walked through the garden of love.
I passed the gates of paradise and the gates
of perdition. Maybe the saddest experience
of all is that even the most wonderful and
precious moments don´t last forever and
appear like a dream that faded much too
soon when looking back.

But both darkness and light are given to us
to make us prospect and grow: like every living
being needs the interplay of daylight´s sweet
kiss and night´s gentle embrace. And as
darkness falls while I´m drifting away on
the river of sadness, the remembrance of love´s
golden sunlight is my only supply of logs for
the cold and lonely winter of the soul.

This album is a tribute to a love that was so
beautiful as long as it lasted and so bitter
when it ended: hence both love´s heavenly
bliss as well as bereavement´s abysmal
despair are to be found amongst these 10
songs; songs that are like sears to me now...

But still the dream remains, and yet my love
has not withered nor have my songs faded
away: Though Moonshadow died in the devastation
of declining Planet Kyrah. Sid survived -
but for how much longer?

Goodnight - and may the Goddess bless you all!


"When I´m dead, my Dearest,
sing no sad songs for me,
plant thou no roses at my head,
nor shady cypress tree:
Be the green grass above me
with showers and dewdrops wet;
and if thou wilt, remember,
and if thou wilt, forget."

[Christina Rosetti (1830-1894)]