Letra de Stone rain


Letra de Stone rain de Antichrisis
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( Antichrisis )

"Come over to me" she said
"I swear you won´t be mislead
and leave this trail of tears behind thee!"

The nights smelled of roses then
it felt like love again
with my bride and me immersing into the sea

No, I never saw no danger sign
on the winding road to mistrust
The little toy soldier went down the Rhine
Her wedding wreath crumbled to dust

She stretched out her golden hand
as we walked on amber sand
on the shores of time that know no trespassing

Now the valley lies quiet down there
the rocks lost their golden glare
This sky has gone dark with clouds overcasting

And forever found its end somehow
but my boat will be leaving at last
St. Piran´s flag shows a broken vow
Come friends, tie my bones to the mast

I was hiding from a stone rain
This confusion tracked me down
Now meet me at the Lost & Found

I was hiding from a stone rain
Blind emotions nailed me to the ground
She closed the door without a sound
Our love became so ironbound
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