Letra de Planet kyrah


Letra de Planet kyrah de Antichrisis
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( Antichrisis )

Oh, you changed everything
Nothing´s the same anymore
I see colours I´ve never seen before
I hear songs that make my heart sing with joy
You set my heart on fire like it never burned before
And I´m sure that up there in the sky
shine some new-born stars
that were not known until tonight

Can you hear me ground-control?
I think I´m lost in space
Do you hear me ground-control?
An unknown planet appears on my screen...

Never thought I´d be an astronaut
Never thought I´d leave the Earth
Never thought I´d I´d fly so high
Break through the sky while you hold my in you embrace
And as the air starts getting thin
Your lips on mine, exchanging love´s oxygen
And the last call they receive:
Our capsule vanishing somewhere behind

We can´t hear you ground-control!
I think we´re lost in space!
We can´t hear you anymore!
An unknown planet appears on our screen...

I´ll meet you tonight
on Planet Kyrah!
I´ll kiss you tonight
on Planet Kyrah!
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