Letra de The beautiful wolves


Letra de The beautiful wolves de Antichrisis
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( Antichrisis )

As the time has come for me to leave this world
How I longed to probe into the guarded mystery
Had to realise the best kept secret was my life itself
Beware, you sages, far too wise: The last joke´s on you!

I´ve seen the light in the dawning day
I´ve seen love - in a burning haze

Don´t you tell me I squandered this precious life
For much too long I listened to your insidious voice
Deafened by fear, blinded by hate: You missed the point
I might die but I die laughing straight into your face

I´ve tasted blood on your lips
Divine magenta - heavenly

No wise books can replace a single word you´ve said
No dreams were sweeter than those I dreamed in your arms
No drug did take me higher than the scent of you
No fire be as fervent as your desire

Where ever you are, where ever you roam
For you I sing the sweetest song

Salve Regina
Quae pervia caeli porta manes et stella maris
Vita dulcedo et spes nostra, Salve
Ave Regina Caelorum
Ave Domina Daemonum
Salve Radix ex qua mundo lux est orta, Decora

You call my name
You walk amongst the late
The seventh veil left at rainbow´s end
We´re passing time like ferries crossing a stream
Into the underworld: Cerridwen´s domain

Come aside and cry for this is the spring of tears
Weep for the child inside gone from you
Died away: No place in the upper world
But who will nourish our dreams
When laughter expires?

To some a nightmare, to some a dream
The day will end for some, as the night begins for one

"Come aside the fires of my tribe, find shelter here"
The wise woman takes the bone and points at me:
Who am I to be?
Not a single word trips from my lips so I start to dance
Whilst the dark crone holds my soul, I lay down my mask

See my heart is in your hands
See my wings are broken

The fire starts to burn my flesh to the bone
Trial by flames I stand all alone: My guide´s disappeared
Naked and blind the new born god is dressed in innocence
"Shall I dare or stay unconscious?
Who´ll be telling me wrong from right?"

As shadows fall like leaves in September wind
We´re trying to keep us warm with the ashes of our memories
But when nightmares call, we don´t persist at all
Retrospective dreams collide
stranded on that wasteland´s shore

As shadows fall
And will my name be called?
Up on the mountain bare
In black cloth dressed and desperate fear

As shadows fall
Silence of remembrance fades
I dreamed we once held hands but I awake
As shadows fall

In nomine Magnae Deae Nostrae
Introibo ad altarem
Dominae Inferae
Quae regit terram

I´ve tasted blood without tongue
My skin shed at your feet

"Am I to sacrifice?" I asked the all-knowing crone
"Until you understand you´ll die!" the crone replied
This might be heaven, might be hell - no difference I see
"Salvation can´t be found in here..." I sadly sighed

Where is the sun? Who´ll light my day?
Where are the stars? Who´ll guide my way?

I try to hide but inexorably
a voice like thunder coming up
And as the midnight sun
drowns the world in velvet light
I call your name through the ashes of time
Of all transgressions I can´t take no more
Deliverance, your love, is all I implore

As flowers burn I hear the wolves return...

At this desolate place
Lost in time and lost in space
Remembrance of a golden age
In these days of yore: A magic spell
Was it your name I called?
I´ll try again...
And like a dream
Your loving face
I touch your golden skin just for a while
Entwined we fly through the blackest skies
You smile, I take your hand - back home again!

Osculetur me, osculo oris sui
Quia meliora sunt ubera tua vino
Fragrantia unguentus optimis
Oleum effusum nomen tuum
Ideo adolescentulae dilerexunt te
Trahe me post te

As flowers burn I hear the wolves return...
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