Letra de Never can be friends again


Letra de Never can be friends again de Antichrisis
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( Antichrisis )

Not quite a year that we have parted
and you think it would be okay
to send a note in a birthday card, yeah
but things ain´t never gonna be that way

Our love, it was just yesterday
smashed like jars of clay

Oh, the end still makes me mad and
it should have never ever come to this
Scars they hurt like hell and I can
hardly get out of this abyss

Oh no, I think it´s way too late
to close the gates of fate

But out there in the night
the tears I´d like to hide
still falling for my love and I try
to come to terms somehow
although it´s over now

You should have told me straight that you were
not inclined to to keep faith
You broke my heart so many times that
its fragments turned into a wraith

Lost in space and time
a love once so divine
just like grains of sand got washed away
We lost our paradise
the dreamteam´s own demise
and I hope you´ll understand that´s

Why we never can be friends again
There ain´t no absolution for this execution
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