Letra de Hollow ground

The Haunted

Letra de Hollow ground de The Haunted
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( The Haunted )

Once again i've lost my way.
going nowhere fast, i dread the return.
spend my days in this self-made cage.
where my soul can dwell,
and my loneliness is thriven far to well.
All and none of the answers i've found.
alone i stand on hollow ground.
Too many years have passed.
too much blood has been spilt.
i realize it's my destiny, my will.
Things aren't always what they seem
as the scars on my skin will show
on hollow ground i stand
on hollow ground repent
the sins were mine. i'm gone, i know.
Dazed and weakened by the haze.
went nowhere fast, i dread the return.
i've lost my ways, am i losing my mind?
maybe then my redemtion's there to find.

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