Letra de Burnt to a shell

The Haunted

Letra de Burnt to a shell de The Haunted
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( The Haunted )

It's been a long cold lonely ride.
the blood takes the lead on down the line.
some know it well, some never try.
to go down that dark and crooked mile...
I've seen his weary eyes. i've walked that feed kill chain.
my love it's been a while but i'll be there again.
So when i die, lead my remains into the fire.
so that my soul flies, and i reach the end of the line.
burnt to a shell...
I know a deep dark secret - i know a lie.
i learned well how to bend, break, steal and pry.
but in the back of my mind i always knew -
it only hurts awhile 'til it burns you through...
Send me another mile down. complete the divide.
everything must go. i'll know when it's my turn to ride.
Repeat chorus
Hell is my desire for truth and pride.
i will love.
i will live.
i will not be controlled no more.
Repeat chorus.

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